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Gisela Colon: PODS





The South Dakota Art Museum welcomes a new exhibit, Gisela Colon: PODS to the gallery floor open March 2 through July 8 in Brookings. Free parking is available on Harvey Dunn Street, just west of the museum.

Gisela Colon’s “Glo-Pods” are large sculptural objects made of blow-molded acrylic plastic and iridescent and fluorescent pigments. Bulging forms reflect light from interior painted surfaces, seeming to glow from within. Shapes, colors and shadows morph before the viewer’s eyes as they move around the work. Colon is considered a successor of the California Light and Space movement and her works retain the movement’s emphasis on Minimalism, perception and the phenomenology of light, but her organic forms are a departure from its symmetrical, geometric tradition.  



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