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My Hero! Contemporary Art & Superhero Action





The South Dakota Art Museum welcomes a new exhibit, My Hero! Contemporary Art & Superhero Action, to the gallery floor open June 12 through October 2. This exhibition, organized by Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA, presents a sprawling collection of international artworks in a variety of media that celebrates and re-envisions the lives of iconic superheroes. Experience the escapades of iconic superheroes with this pumped-up collection of international artworks. As contemporary idols, superheroes provide a rich source of inspiration for artists around the world. 

About this exhibition, Bedford Curator Carrie Lederer says: “For decades, artists have tapped the world of the superhero, eager to explore the alluring concept of what it means to have an avatar. We’re captivated by miraculous, superhuman strength, startling bravery, the enthralling adventures, and even their weaknesses. A number of artists are also asking: What happens when Superman gets old and checks into Assisted Living? What does he look like and what’s he up to?”

-South Dakota Art Museum

Free parking is available for all museum guests in the reserved lot just west of the museum on Harvey Dunn Street.


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