Digital Meeting Tools for a Digital Age

Event planners and attendees are moving to more digital aspects and using tech tools to aid in successful meetings. In Successful Meetings magazine's cover story, Tapping Into Technology, various experts on the topic explain new apps and tech tools to enhance attendee experience, while also helping event planners manage their event. Highlights from the article include:

  • Attendee Insights | Post-event surveys are out. Updates to attendee's Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts are in. Social data is proving to be a better catch than paper or online surveys.
  • Audience Engagement | New tools are being released to encourage more attendees to engage with speakers, like being able to submit questions and comments in real time. 
  • Audio/Visual | Throwable mics and one-touch tablets that double as your main video screen are replacing the simple PowerPoint presentation.
  • Event Management | Instead of skimming through old emails and sifting through sticky notes, event planners can download an app which allows them to manage every aspect of an event. Anything from registration, inviting attendees, breakout sessions and dinners can all be managed in one place.
  • Measuring ROI | Now, event planners can track their ROI in real time with a new app aimed to help give sponsors and other entities attached to an event an all-around snapshot of the value generated.
  • Networking | Attendees still desire a homegrown, personal experience at events and a few new social media apps are connecting attendees together with similar interests.