Last Minute Must-Do’s!

School is back in session.

The supply lists and colorful isles in your local stores have been warning us for weeks. It's not all doom and dread. We welcome the change of seasons, adding a few new pieces to our wardrobe, and getting back on a schedule.

But too often, the back-to-school madness abruptly appears and we're left with empty beach bags and no closure. 

That's why we're proposing a proper summer send-off before the weather chills us to the bone!

So, before hours of homework and extracurricular activities consume every minute of every hour of your week, check these items off your must-do list and soak up those last remaining rays of sunshine.


  1. Join a community bike ride.
  2. Eat pizza al fresco.
  3. Learn a new artsy skill.
  4. Ride a kayak. Float on a kayak? No matter what you call it, Dakota Nature Park has it. 
  5. Pick up fresh goods, flowers, and more under the big, blue sky.
  6. Enjoy cold brews and live music on an outdoor patio.
  7. Experience a new perspective before it's gone!
  8. Dig for dinosaur bones.
  9. Stroll through the most colorful quarter section of South Dakota.
  10. Climb the 180 stairs to the top of the city!

Year-Round Fun

  • The Brookings Great 8 is your passport to one-of-a-kind attractions in Brookings. Follow along the dotted trail and explore our great places and local hubs, original to Brookings. Unlike summer shenanigans, the Brookings Great 8 Passport is always available and perfect for family vacations, weddings, reunions, and more! 
  • Trip Itineraries are a new way to plan a weekend in Brookings. We've highlighted some of our favorite things to do and places to grab a bite, giving you plenty of great ideas! All four itineraries (Bring Your Family, Bring Your Appetite, Bring Your BFFs, and Bring Your Game) are available online to download or request a hard copy.