Marketing to Millennials

Step aside Gen X-ers and baby boomers, millennials got you beat as the nation's largest living generation, according to a PEW Research study. In order to reach the largest network of consumers, a revived marketing plan is in order. Social media, non-traditional ads, speaking their language and providing honest content are just a few of the ways to reach this up-and-coming group. Here's our favorite quick tips from HubSpot to reaching millennials. 

  • Shift Spending to Online Platforms | Can you imagine a young consumer flipping through a newspaper or listening to the radio for what’s happening in the consumer world? The answer is no and here’s why. Millennials want to feel special with honest and personalized marketing. They don’t trust traditional marketing tactics and would rather spend hours online researching and reading reviews. There’s no need to stop all tradition marketing, but to shift a portion of your budget to where the kids are these days.

  • Speak Their Language | Millennials are drawn to content they trust. In addition, they’re looking for what others are saying about the brand or organization. Genuine content speaks loudly to millennials, which includes speaking their lingo, using emojis, GIFs and memes. Keep it honest and your followers might just market your product for you.

  • Life Changing Information | Instead of over-sharing all the great services and product your business provides, try a new angle. Millennials want to hear from experts about how they can change their lives for the better. This goes back to trustworthy content; let millennials know your service or products will elevate their lives for the better and consider quick guides, online tutorials and easily downloadable white papers. 

  • Experiences and Adventure Rank High | While marketing to millennials, understand they find the chase just as fun as the purchase itself. Take Pinterest for example, the art and fun of browsing and finding your true personality is more fun than getting exactly what’s on their list. Don’t be pushy and highlight your discounted merchandise. Feature an experience with that merchandise.