The Modern Meeting Planner

As meeting planners, we're always looking for the next big thing and keeping an eye on new trends. In this ever-changing market, it's important to stick to the basics as trends evolve. Social Tables, a meeting software company featured in Successful Meetings, lays down their best tips in becoming the Modern Meeting Planner. In Brookings, we've put our personal spin on seven of these ten great tips, but to view the full article click here.

  1. Murphy's Law | Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Always be ready to solve the next problem, no matter how big or small. Turn the tables on the problem and create a positive teachable moment. 
  2. Invest in Sustainable Alternatives | If attendees can see, feel, touch, and indulge in your sustainable moments at an event, this could be a huge selling point. Explore local sustainable options in venues, catering, promotional products and more.
  3. Design Your Event with Social Engagement in Mind | Everything from lighting, to table decorations, to an over-sized WOW piece will set the stage for social moments. 
  4. Get to Know the Venue and Community | Be knowledgeable about your host city and share fast facts with attendees. This little tidbits will score major credibility points.
  5. Add it to the List | Keep yourself and your team on schedule with lists. We fully support adding items to the list you've already completed. For one, we know the list makers enjoy the satisfaction of crossing items off! For two, this will help highlight tasks that may not have been in the initial planning phase, but still great to know those tasks have been completed.
  6. Never Stop Learning | Just because you're the one running the show doesn't mean you've stopped learning. Follow other event planners on social media, constantly explore new ideas, and always be asking for feedback. You know what works, now find what hasn't been done yet. 
  7. Never Stop Asking for Help | This is a helpful reminder to all event planners. Always ask for help, even when you think you've got it all under control. We're never too old, too young, too experienced, or too busy to ask for help.