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Brookings Residential Historic District & Urban Arboretum




In Brookings, the majority of the homes in the residential historic district were built between 1891 and 1941. Lumber yards had provided pattern books, but instead, residents created their own, individual dream pattern. It was up to the carpenter to nail it down. The trees provided inspiration and a sophisticated appearance to the neighborhood. Residents were eager to build their homes around the mature, tall trees. Through the years, some homes and buildings have been nipped and tucked, but most still hang onto their historical integrity. As for the trees, markers can be found in the yard indicating its place on the list of the urban arboretum. The Brookings Historic Preservation Commission and the Brookings Arbor Day Committee provide a map of the residential neighborhood and Central Historic District Walking Tour photo gallery.

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Phone: 605.692.6281

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Brookings Residential Historic District & Urban Arboretum
520 3rd Street, Suite 230
Brookings, SD 57006