Brookings Itinerary
South Dakota Shocking Staples

On this trip you’ll find some of Brooking, South Dakota’s Historic Sites. South Dakota State University is a huge landmark for the city so we started there at the South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum to learn the history of agriculture in the state and get a few treats. Before leaving view the historic Coughlin Campanile. Up next let’s fill our stomachs with some of the best burgers in the city. Nick’s is affordable and tasty. Before ending your adventure be sure to head over to Pheasant Restaurant and Lounge to create a few bottles of oils and vinegars to take home. These key locations are just a few of the staples in Brookings that you should explore.

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South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum

What a great learning experience for all ages. It was pretty quiet when we went, so we had the time to explore the museum and all the exhibits. Our favorite thing to do was the electricity station, where we learned how much power various light bulbs make. We also enjoyed using the corn sheller to remove kernels from corn cobs. Don’t forget to get a gift from the gift shop. We found some of the best caramels.

Pro Tip: Bring cash to get something from the gift shop.

SDSU Campanile behind the SD Art Museum sign

Coughlin Campanile

The Coughlin Campanile is one of the first things you’ll see when you arrive at South Dakota State University. It’s in the middle of the campus but can be spotted from most buildings. The Campanile was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1987, almost 60 years after being constructed. The beautiful structure is a large brick tower that chimes on the hour.

Pro Tip: If you are up for the challenge you can get a key to climb the almost 200 steps up the tower.

Nick’s Hamburger Shop

Stepping into Nick’s is like stepping into a time capsule filled with goodness. It’s an old-school hamburger diner with limited bar stools and a grill right in the middle of the restaurant. They serve burgers, chips, and milkshakes. The staff was very helpful with determining how many burgers we needed and what toppings we would like. They did not steer us wrong because we enjoyed the burgers and almost went back for more.

Pro Tip: Dine in! It’s such a fun experience.

Pheasant Restaurant & Lounge

While Pheasant Restaurant & Lounge may be known for their good food there is something else offered that is just as appealing. The back entrance leads you to their cellar of infused olive oils and various vinegars. You can sample as many as you want and once you’ve found some you like you can purchase them. We purchased a Tuscan herb olive oil, and it was less than $15, which we thought was a great deal.

Pro Tip: Have water and gum. The flavors are amazing, but also strong.

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