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About Us

We’re committed to developing tourism and strengthening events in our home of Brookings, South Dakota. Meet the great faces who keep our visitors smiling and our organization running.

Our History

The Brookings Convention & Visitors Bureau (dba Visit Brookings) became a 501c6 organization on January 1, 2020. Prior to that, the organization existed as part of the Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce. In 1982 the organization was created as a Chamber committee. By 2012, Chamber leadership, recognizing the need to elevate the focus and priority of the visitor industry in Brookings, took initial steps to separate the two entities by creating the Brookings Convention & Visitors Bureau Advisory Board and developing a separate CVB budget. Discussions started in earnest in 2019 with both the Chamber and CVB in favor of separating. Paperwork was soon filed and a few months later, the new organization was born.

Visit Brookings Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Laci Thompson, Pasque, Chair

Michael Logan, Dacotah Bank Center, Vice Chair

Melisa Yager, Holiday Inn/Hampton Inn, Secretary/Treasurer

Lisa Marotz, McCory Gardens, Past Chair



Board Members

Nathan Christensen, SDSU Athletics

Michael Johnson, Pheasant Restaurant

Becky Kuehl, SDSU/Brookings Inclusive Collaborative

Jamison Lamp, SDSU President’s Office

Jacob Meshke, (City Representative) City of Brookings

Sarah Pitts, Sanford Health

Kerrie Vilhauer, Children’s Museum of South Dakota

Kristin Zimmerman, Brookings Parks, Recreation & Forestry

Laura Schoen Carbonneau (Ex-Officio) Visit Brookings Executive Director

Meet Our Partners

Our Partners

We are proud to work alongside several area organizations.

Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce 
Founded in 1938, The Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce is the leading business organization in the Brookings area. Advocating for businesses all throughout the community, they provide endless opportunities to help Brookings thrive.

Brookings Economic Development Corporation
The BEDC serves as an advocate for the business community by building relationships with companies that allow them to succeed by taking advantage of the area’s unique and progressive business environment.

Brookings Parks, Recreation and Forestry
From building and maintaining public parks to creating programs and activities for kids, adults and families to experience, the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department plays a vital role in our community.

City of Brookings
The City of Brookings is an integral part of our organization. Our mission is to work with the city to secure adequate funding to promote our assets, attract visitors, and support the quality of life all residents can enjoy.

Live in Brookings 
Created by the Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce, Live in Brookings is a way for new and prospective residents to learn about the community and connect with others. Resources, relocation information and job links are available to those wishing to call Brookings home.

Travel South Dakota
Our office works with Travel South Dakota to showcase our attractions to the world. If your vacation plans include a trip from Brookings to the Black Hills, visit their website to plan your route. We’d also like to thank them for the use of their photos, many of which you see used throughout this website.

Glacial Lakes & Prairies Tourism Association
This non-profit organization promotes tourism in the northeast region of South Dakota.

Southeast South Dakota Tourism Association
This non-profit organization promotes tourism in the southeast region of South Dakota.

Industry Relations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the population of Brookings?

Brookings is the fourth largest city in South Dakota with a population of 23,993 (Census 2022 estimate).

Why the name Brookings?

Brookings is named after the famous pioneer and founder, Judge Wilmot Wood Brookings. As the story goes, he was traveling through South Dakota with horse in tow in the dead of winter when he slipped on a rock. His foot fell through a patch of ice into some extremely cold water. Once he made it back to civilization, the condition of his legs were not good. The only solution was to amputate. He only stepped foot in Brookings twice, with two wooden legs and a strong presence in politics and legislature. Judge Brookings also inspired the name of our local brew pub, Wooden Legs Brewing Co.

I’m thinking of moving to Brookings, where can I find information about relocation options?

We’re thrilled you’re considering moving to Brookings! Your first step should be to either download a copy of our visitor guide or request a hard copy. It features a variety of topics like retail, dining, education, community activities and organizations, relocation information, a city map and more. For more relocation resources, we’ll send you over to LiveInBrookings.org. There’s a wealth of information for those looking to make the move to Brookings.

I don’t have a car, what are my options for getting around town?

Brookings strives to offer safe and accessible transportation for all people. Contact these companies directly to set up rides throughout our community.

Brookings Area Transit Authority (BATA Bus)

The Brookings Area Transit Authority strives to provide coordinated transportation services for all citizens of the Brookings area.


  • BROOKINGS RIDES – within city limits
    $3.00 per person per trip
  • BROOKINGS SAME-DAY RESERVATIONS – within city limits
    *Contingent upon availability and ONLY available to passengers who require the use of a mobility aide*
    $9.00 per person per trip
    $30.00 per person for either a one-way OR round-trip ride that is taken within the same day.

Call BATA Dispatch at 605- 693-2222 or toll-free at 855-962-9120 to schedule a ride.

Brookings Taxi

There is nothing like an old school taxi service. If you are looking for a ride in a pinch call Brookings Taxi at (605) 692-9244.

You can also contact Brookings Taxi on the TaxiCaller App.

App Centered Rides 

You will find both Uber and Lyft rides offered in Brookings.

Rental Cars

If you’re staying in Brookings for a few days, B&B Auto Sales, located on Main Avenue South, has a large selection of rental vehicles, including cars, trucks, minivans, SUVs, pickups and 15 passenger vans. Einspahr Auto Plaza also serves the Brookings area as a rental vehicle service. Located on 8th Street South, Einspahr carries a wide selection of rentals.

Does Brookings have an airport?

Yes, Brookings does have an airport, but with a few limitations. The Brookings Regional Airport does provide some corporate business travelers with airline accommodations, but it is not a passenger airport. The Brookings Regional Airport strives to provide a safe first class airport for regional residents and the flying community. The airport works diligently with the South Dakota State University Aviation Program and other local entities to provide flying instruction and other community activities related to aviation.

The Sioux Falls Regional Airport is 55 miles south of Brookings and can accommodate any kind of passenger airline travel. The Sioux Falls Regional Airport includes five airlines: Frontier, Allegiant, Delta, United, and American Airlines.

Looking for permits, ordinances or general government and city council questions?

We may know a lot about attractions, dining, and great places to shop but if you’ve got a question about our local government, we’d like to turn you over to the City of Brookings. There you can find information about what makes this city run and learn more about our city council members.

How cold does it get in Brookings?

The average temperature in January is about 12.9 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to pack a jacket and ask Dakota Nature Park about their snow shoe rentals and other snowy adventures offered in the park. In the winter, our residents have adapted to the colder climate by celebrating it! Every third weekend in February, area attractions and businesses come together to host Frost Fest. It’s a way for us to embrace the chill and kick cabin fever.

We’re also a big fan of hockey and utilize Larson Ice Center as much as possible in the winter months. Larson Ice Center also offers open skate for visitors and residents, check with the Brookings Parks Dept. about open hours and rental costs.

How hot does it get in Brookings?

The average temperature in July is 82 degrees Fahrenheit. On top of high temps, it’s usually pretty humid too. A gorgeous sun hat, sunscreen and an ice cold beverage are a great accessory during the summer months. Speaking of a cold beverage, you can catch most of our residents enjoying free, outdoor, live music at Downtown at Sundown with an ice cold beverage in tow!

If you are planning a visit this summer, keep the Brookings Summer Arts Festival on your radar. It’s one of the largest outdoor festivals in South Dakota, featuring more than 200 artists and 40+ food booths. We like to say you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the festival while browsing through booths of jewelry, artwork, pottery, kids activities, and so much more!

Where does everybody work?

A large majority of our community work at SDSU, Daktronics, 3M and Larson Manufacturing, making Brookings the second largest manufacturing community in South Dakota. If you are thinking about starting a business and would like more information about our community’s economy, hop on over to the Brookings Economic Development Corporation. They’ve got numbers and data important to making those kind of decisions.

What is the history behind Downtown Brookings?

The streets of Downtown Brookings tell a story of Classic Revival and Art Deco, along with Beaux-Arts and Romanesque architecture. A total of 59 buildings line Main Avenue, with 83 percent of the construction taking place between 1894 and 1928.

Each building holds a little piece of Brookings from yesteryear, take a stroll and enjoy the history while shopping, eating and playing in Downtown Brookings.

Where is the largest botanical garden in South Dakota?

Sitting on the prettiest quarter section of Brookings, McCrory Gardens is South Dakota’s largest botanical garden with 40 acres of arboretum dedicated as the South Dakota State Arboretum. Development of the gardens began in the 1960s by a fellow named S.A. McCrory who headed the horticulture department at SDSU. Since then the gardens continue to grow and blossom through the seasons.

Looking for a unique piece of information to tell people about your travels to Brookings?

In 1954, Downtown Brookings turned on its first fluorescent street lights, ultimately changing the nightlife scene forever. Happy hour became a little more happy when friends could meet into the wee hours of the night under a new found light.

What can you tell me about South Dakota State University?

Brookings is home to the state’s largest higher education institution South Dakota State University. If you’re coming to Brookings, be prepared to cheer for the Jackrabbits!

As South Dakota’s Morrill Act land-grant university, SDSU had a fall 2022 enrollment of 11,331, with students coming from 47 and 73 countries. Students can choose from 86 majors, 38 specializations, 102 minors, 39 master’s degree programs, 16 Ph.D. programs and two professional doctorates. The university also offers courses at various off-campus sites as well as undergraduate and graduate programs online through the Office of Continuing Distance Education.

What is Hobo Day?

After more than 100 years, SDSU and the Brookings community still finds itself in the land of Hobos for the annual homecoming celebration during the SDSU football game at Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium. Students celebrate a month in advance by withholding from shaving. The rest of the students, alumni, and staff celebrate by putting on their best plaid and tattered jeans to live the hobo way for this one day event. The first Hobo Day celebration took place back in 1912.

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