Brookings Itinerary
Food Brings Culture to Brookings

Brookings is home to many different cultures and this is best demonstrated through their popular international restaurants. Boba tea, sushi, or a special Indian spice can all be found within the city. Sharing a meal can be a great way to bond. Brookings is showing us that everyone and their unique dishes are vital to the thriving culture of the city.

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Flavor International Grocery

Flavor International Grocery is a local treasure. They offer groceries for Korean, Chinese, Middle Eastern, African, and Nepali dishes. Stepping foot in Flavor International Grocery was like a work of art with various cultural flags and decor. While the store is not big in size the items sold are big in flavor. You are sure to find something unique. If the thought of making your dishes is overwhelming you can try the connected Flavor Restaurant where authentic dishes are prepared for you.

Pro Tip: Try something new and experience a new culture.

Sake Japanese Restaurant

Sake is a Japanese restaurant within a strip of stores in Brookings. You’ll step into a beautiful restaurant with various sake bottles lining the wall. From there you can see chefs preparing fresh sushi at the sushi station. There are several booths for seating but with no reservation, you may have to wait as this popular place gets busy fast. I tried the sweet potato sushi and it was great.

Pro Tip: Get there early. They fill up fast over the lunch hour.

CupA Tea Boba Shop

Boba or bubble tea as some call it seems to be the latest craze. If you have never tried it you can get it from one of the newer food places in Brookings. CupA Tea is the first of its kind in the city and is bringing you several flavors of the popular Asian drink. If Boba is new to you they will explain different options that will work for you.

Pro Tip: Just stop over. The hours may vary as this new business expands.

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