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Brookings Itinerary
Student’s Summer Guide

Students who live in Brookings during the summer months know this town is a thriving community once the sun comes out.

From farmers markets to outdoor concerts, Brookings is the place to be from May- August. The university hosts great events during the school year for students, but in the summer those who stay have the chance to experience a little different version of the community. If you are a student scratching your head on what to do this summer, this itinerary is for you.

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Tips, Tricks, and Events Not to Miss

Brookings has a lot to do in the summer. Trying to find time to do it all in the short three months can be a little daunting. Here are some tips, tricks and events not to miss.

First off, some tips to help you. Be on the lookout for food trucks throughout the summer. All kinds of food on wheels show up in the summertime in different spots. The Agricultural Heritage Museum hosts Food Trucks on some Wednesday nights throughout the season. Check-in on their website for more details to come. Get your college buddies to come back to town for a couple of days. Experiencing summer in Brookings is fun, but with friends it is a blast.

Secondly, some tricks to keep a healthy lifestyle. Just because you do not live at home with your parent’s garden, does not mean fresh produce is no longer at your disposal. Make time to shop at the Brookings Farmers Market, every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. You will find a wide array of produce, freshly baked bread, and so much more. To stay on the move, make sure to utilize the city parks around town. If you feel like kayaking, paddleboarding or taking a bike ride check out the Dakota Nature Park.

Lastly, here are some summer events you really shouldn’t miss:

Farmers Market – Every Saturday 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Good Roots – Sunday Pizza Nights on the Farm 4:30 – 8 p.m. starting June 4th

Prairie Reparatory Theater – Multiple shows throughout the summer.

Friends of Brookings Baseball games

Brookings Summer Arts Festival  – July 8 & 9

Anderson Plaza Concert Series – Tuesdays at 6 p.m. June 13th – July 25th

Downtown at Sundown – Live Concert series Thursdays, July – August.

What to do?

The most common question students ask themselves while contemplating staying in Brookings is, “What am I going to do all summer?” Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Getting in tune with your outdoors side is easy in Brookings. Dakota Nature Park has the perfect mix for a leisure day outside. Rent a kayak or paddleboard for as long or as little as you like. Prices are college-budget friendly. The Nature Park is a popular place to do some easy fishing and a great place to bike. For a little different pace, take a stroll or find a place to study for a summer course at McCrory Gardens. McCrory is beautiful all year and really lives up to its full potential during the summer months.

Cinema 8 has $5 Tuesday nights and shows the latest and greatest movies. Check their website for more information and show times. The bowling alley in town is perfect for the college crowd. With a great bar and atmosphere, it is the best way to spend a night out with friends. Pay attention to The Lanes social media channels for specials and deals which are posted almost weekly.

Going to wineries and breweries are on everyone’s summer bucket list. Brookings has a great lineup of offerings. First up, head to Volga and explore Schade Winery. Schade offers multiple kinds of wine for all connoisseurs. If you want to stay in town, head to the new Mosaic Wine Bar located downtown. It’s a perfect spot for anyone and everyone to have a good time.

If a cold brew is more your taste, check out our brewery s. Known for their craft beer and pub food Wooden Legs is an opportunity. Play a board game, enjoy a night of trivia or watch for special live entertainment events. A more recent addition to the beer making scene is Eponymous Brewing Company. Hop just across the railroad tracks to find this hidden gem.

Patio Picks

The patio scene in Brookings is hard to beat. With spots all over town, you and your friends are sure to find a spot to unwind.

If you find yourself just walking up the street on Main, there are multiple benches to take a break. In between shopping, take a break in those spots the city has made for you.

Every college student is familiar with Cubby’s Sports Bar & Grill, but does every student know they have a gorgeous rooftop patio? Looking down over main is a summer staple for the locals.

The biggest patio in town is at The Wild Hare. Known for its sand volleyball tournaments in the summer, this patio also has bean bag boards and space for big groups to hang out.

Another favorite is at Skinner’s Pub, an outdoor bar and the greenery during the summer months makes for a perfect night downtown.

If you are feeling a local brew outside, check out Eponymous Brewing Company’s patio. A smaller more intimate patio located just a little way away from downtown is sure to make your night.

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