Image of two kayakers at Dakota Nature Park in Brookings, SD
The Best of Brookings


We’re committed to developing tourism in our home of Brookings, South Dakota. After reading The Best of Brookings, we know you will want to add Brookings to your trip itinerary.

Unleash the Adventure! Brookings Bound with a Furry Friend

Brookings offers a warm welcome to animal lovers and their cherished pets, providing amenities to ensure an inclusive and enjoyable visit.

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Buy Fresh, Buy Local at the Brookings Farmers Market

Buyers flock to the Brookings Farmers Market every Saturday morning from May through October to experience the tastes and aromas of the community.

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The Pheasant Restaurant: The World on a Plate

Whether you are a long-time member of the community, a student who has made Brookings your temporary home, or a visitor exploring the area for the first time, The Pheasant Restaurant is woven into the culture of Brookings and is a great stop to get to know the area on a new level.

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How to Write a Review in Less than 5 Minutes

Visit Brookings invites visitors and residents to share their experiences by leaving reviews of attractions, restaurants, hotels, and other establishments in Brookings. Here are some quick tips to help you […]

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Frost Fest Celebrates the Cold in Brookings

There’s one thing that isn’t frozen during winter in Brookings: fun. The 10th annual Frost Fest will thaw the hearts of many February 16-18, 2024. A community-wide event, Frost Fest […]

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Signature Events in 2024

There’s so much to see and do in Brookings all year long. Brookings Area Burger Clash – January 1 – February 29, 2024 The Burger Clash features 23 burgers from […]

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Brookings Burger Clash: Best Burgers in Town

The Burger Clash, a local contest featuring restaurants in and around Brookings is back for another year and contestants are ready to serve up their latest and greatest creations.

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Brookings Gift Guide

Give the gift of memories with one-of-a-kind Brookings-made products and experiences. From memberships for year-round play to gift cards to seats at the next big game, Brookings has the gift […]

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What’s Glowing on at the Garden?

A Greeting of a familiar nostalgic feeling of holiday cheer and the sound of joyful music meets you at the beginning of the magnificent lights of Garden Glow. As you continue down the lit path you may see a child’s eyes light up at the larger-than-life candy land display or a couple taking in a special moment together.

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Three People You Should Know Part 3

Brookings beams with pride for not only the amenities we have, but also the people which make them great. This series “Three People You Should Know,” is to promote the […]

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