A Little Slice of Brookings

A Little Slice of Brookings

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Downtown Brookings is home to two of the best pizza joints in town. Pizza King, the town’s first pizza restaurant, has been pulling pizzas out of the oven since 1961. George’s Pizza is a college student favorite, catering to the cities lively nightlife. The restaurant was established in 1971 and has slowly evovled into the place we know today.

Pizza King takes its customers into a flashback in history to the ’50s rock ‘n’ roll era with original Buddy Holly photographs on the walls. Current owner Shannon Brown, explained the connection to Holly, who was killed in a plane crash along the Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper. “My dad was friends with the photographer who took these photos two weeks before the plane crash.”

Red vinyl booths, black and white pinstripe wallpaper and jukebox enhance the vintage look and feel. The restaurant has a quiet but comfortable environment, making it easy to have a quality meal with family, study or just appreciate its history.

George’s Pizza takes its renovated traditions to a new level by presenting an Italian sports bar aura and delivering late-night slices through their window. The exposed-brick dining room has many televisions so you can watch sports while you eat pizza, enjoy a beer or try out their appetizers, including the only Bosco sticks served in town.

These local slices are similar in style and taste. Each is pan-served with a crunchy crust, cheesy topping and diverse flavors. On Main Avenue, follow your nose to George’s window and right across the street Pizza King will welcome you with its original neon sign.

*This story has been written in collaboration with South Dakota State Universities Public Relations class for our 2023 Visitor Guide.*

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