Come for the Atmosphere, Stay for the Food at Backyard Grill & Barbecue

Come for the Atmosphere, Stay for the Food at Backyard Grill & Barbecue

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From hints of hickory, cherry, and apple wood to the sizzling crackle of authentic barbecue being made, Backyard Grill & Barbecue offers opportunities for the perfect date night, family dinner, or night on the town.

With a rich, diverse history in Brookings, Backyard Grill & Barbecue has been an active part of the restaurant community. From catering to dining into the food truck rolling down Medary Avenue, Backyard Grill & Barbecue keeps people coming back for the food and atmosphere.

When you step into the Brookings location, the lively and homey space welcomes you in. The extensive menu includes good old-fashioned wings, beef brisket, cornbread, and so much more. It offers the ideal selection to dine in with the family or choose a dessert for a date.

While the restaurant calls South Dakota home, the food brings the taste of Southern cooking to the community. The restaurant smokes meat for up to 12 hours, offering delicious meat which leaves patrons wanting more.

After selecting from an array of options, customers move down the counter to watch their food being packaged or plated, then are ushered to sit down among other guests. Finish your meal surrounded by fellow barbecue enthusiasts and great music. Visit Backyard Grill & Barbecue for an experience that will leave your taste buds wanting more and an aroma that leaves your mouth watering.

*This story has been written in collaboration with South Dakota State Universities Public Relations class for our 2023 Visitor Guide.*

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