Bone-chilling Brookings Experience

Bone-chilling Brookings Experience

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Escape reality and step onto the set of your own personal horror movie at the Fear Asylum, South Dakota’s number one haunted attraction.

Since 2009, the Fear Asylum has been a spooky staple to the Brookings community during the month of October. They draw up to 1500 patrons a night coming from here in town to traveling hundreds of miles looking to get their fill of adrenaline induced fun.

The Fear Asylum remains a cornerstone of the Halloween season. Being recognized as one of the top 15 haunted houses in the country and the top haunted house in South Dakota for the past 10 years are just a few of the attractions glowing accolades.

Utilizing over 40 staff members and an ample number of high-end props and animations guests are sure to be amazed. The coordination of the effects, sounds, and lights are run by the same software used to coordinate the Superbowl halftime show.

Along with being the master mind behind the Fear Asylum, Buck Burdick and his team at Station 5 Productions also consult, design, and create props and set ups for other haunted attractions across the country and the world. Their ability to create movie quality props and pieces and curate an atmosphere that has even the bravest shaking in their boots has not gone unnoticed by the haunted attraction community. You can find their handy work in theme parks, cruise ships, and family entertainment centers.  

Station 5 Productions Creation

Over the years the Fear Asylum has grown to include more than just your typical walk-through haunted house. This immersive experience transports you to the set of your own personal horror film.

The Last Ride, a motion attraction simulating a coffin ride to the graveyard, is sure to have patrons petrified.  If that is not thrilling enough for you, how do you preform under pressure. Find out by trying to escape the B Block Breakout Escape Room.

The Fear Asylum is open weekends in October from the 6th-31st. However, for the Station 5 productions team Halloween is a year-round celebration. The team works throughout the entire calendar year constructing props and designing new concepts for October.

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