Everything to Know About Moving to Brookings

Everything to Know About Moving to Brookings

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Brookings, with its small-town charm, various career options, strong academic environment and well-rounded lifestyle, has attracted people from across the country to make this vibrant city their new home. Brookings offers unique living spaces with numerous parks and recreational areas, safe neighborhoods, low cost of living and crime rate and a range of activities and events for all ages.

The Live in Brookings initiative brings together resources for new residents, visitors and job seekers to ease the stress of moving and make community connections. This new initiative led by the Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce features the website liveinbrookings.org with information about housing, jobs, utilities, city and county materials, education and child-care options and ways to get involved.

New residents can stay engaged with current happenings in Brookings by attending new resident-specific events, signing up for monthly postcards and quarterly emails about what’s happening in the city and following the new Live in Brookings Facebook page for updates on affordable housing, cultural attractions and diverse job market.

This inclusive effort instills a sense of belonging in new residents. The Live in Brookings initiative demonstrates its dedication to making sure everyone who calls this place home feels not only welcome, but also valued.

*This story has been written in collaboration with South Dakota State University‘s Public Relations class for our 2024 Visitor Guide. Read the guide here.*

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