Yessica’s Restaurant: The Best of Both Worlds

Yessica’s Restaurant: The Best of Both Worlds

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An expert in both Mexican and Italian cuisine, Yessica’s combines cultures to make a one-of-a-kind experience in Brookings.

When customers first open the door, they are greeted with a calming area filled with village paintings, shutters and figurines representing Italian and Mexican culture. The savory aroma of warm tortillas and seasoned meat flies out of the kitchen, while the soft musical melody sets one right in the heart of Italy.

Guests are immediately served with fresh chips and salsa to enjoy while they observe the extensive menu filled with dishes personally crafted by the owner, Edwin Sierebec. He fuels his restaurant with his passion for serving customers the best overall experience which he learned from working in Mexico, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Sioux Falls.

Sierebec’s dishes are excellently prepared with high-quality products, attractively plated and bursting with flavor. Whether it’s rich, creamy sauces paid with perfectly cooked pastas, tender and juicy meat filling your tortilla, or the sweet, melting essence of white chocolate cake for dessert, the food is sure to keep mouths watering.

Whether it’s a night out with friends, a family gathering or a date with someone special, Yessica’s treats guests like family and ensures their dining experience is one to remember.

Yessica’s is located at 1300 Main Avenue South. Hours are 4pm to 8:30pm Tuesday through Saturday.

*This story has been written in collaboration with South Dakota State University‘s Public Relations class for our 2024 Visitor Guide.*

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