5 Outdoor Activities to do Right Now

5 Outdoor Activities to do Right Now

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Brookings is brimming with outdoor adventures around every corner. As warmer weather approaches, it may be time to begin planning fun days in the sun. This community comes alive when the weather is nice, join them outside with the endless options Brookings offers. Here are the top five (mostly free) outdoor activities you have to go do when the sun is out.

Dakota Nature Park & Larson Nature Center
Kayak by yourself or with a friend.

1. Go Kayaking

One of the best places to find nature is right on the edge of town. The Dakota Nature Park is 135 acres of pure beauty many can adore through different activities including fishing, birdwatching, picnics, paddleboarding, biking and many more. Our favorite is kayaking and paddleboarding throughout the park. If you have your own kayak, great! If not, don’t worry the park has rentals for only $7 an hour.

Mccrory trees
Serenity at its finest.

2. Set up a Hammock

Finding a perfect spot for a hammock is the key to having a great experience. There are great places throughout the town whether at a park or on campus, but there is one area made just for this activity. The State Arboretum located right next to McCrory Gardens is the perfect place to find the right trees made for hammocking in a great location. This area located off the main roads is a secluded place to give you a quieter space to spend some time relaxing. You can park your car at McCrory and stay as long as you would like.

Larson Park & Disc Golf Course
Frisbee Golf is the locals best kept secret.

3. Hit up the Frisbee Golf Course

One of the most popular outdoor activities amongst the locals is Frisbee Golf. Located throughout Larson Park, a 20-hole course with different challenges at each hole. This course has it all between hills, trees and water hazards. To learn more about the course head to the city’s website to see a map and to find more details listed. You are sure to get your workout in, yet it is a great leisure afternoon activity. If you have never played, don’t worry! It is easy to pick up and just like any other sport it has a learning curve to get used to.

Friends riding their bikes down the trail
Grab a bike ride through Dakota Nature Park.

4. Take a Bike Ride

Whether you are a serious biker or one who just likes to go on strolls, Brookings is the town for you. Our mountain bike trail is to be desired by all serious mountain bikers in the area. Located just west of the South Brook Softball Complex and north of Dakota Nature Park, the “Pump Park” features three different tracks, suited for all ages and abilities. It includes a strider track for kids between ages two and five. Pump Park is accessible through the recreational trail which surrounds Dakota Nature Park.

Looking to hit the trails, but didn’t bring your bike? South Dakota State University’s Miller Wellness Center offers commuter bike rentals for $8 a day.

Fishback Soccer Complex
Score some goals at Fishback

5. Pick Your Sport and Head to the Courts

Got game? Brookings has many courts, courses and complexes to pick from. Sand volleyball, tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball, you name it Brookings has it. Grab a team or a few friends and come to Brookings for the morning to make some memories. The City of Brookings website lists all complexes, locations, and availability.

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