Going the Extra Mile

Going the Extra Mile

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Beyond Gas Pumps and Convenience Stores

Welcome to Brookings. You’ll find so many things to enjoy. Our amenities don’t stop at our unique museums and great events! Even our transportation options offer just a little more. Read on to find our picks of places to fill your tank… and we’re not just talking about your car.

Bozied’s Convenience Store

Bozied’s Convenience Store, located on Sixth Street, goes an extra mile in making travel easier.

Bozied’s takes “convenience” to the next level. Need to fill up your tires? Take the guesswork and hassle out of the chore. Their air pump automatically calculates exactly how much air your tire needs. Once you input the PSI needed, their compressor does the rest. And best of all – it’s free with no worries about over or under filling. The store also offers some of the best customer service for families with young children or those with physical limitations. For a little extra help, fill up at pump #3 and push the blue call button for an attendant to come and assist. They can also bring you merchandise from the store. If you need fuel, but pump #3 is in use, you are welcome to pull up to any of the pumps and honk your horn twice.


BP & Taco Express

For anyone running on empty both in the tank and in your stomach, BP and Taco Express right off the interstate offer a chance to satisfy both needs. This little Taco restaurant offers a fast option for Mexican cuisine when you are on the road. The restaurant has a full menu of tacos, burritos, nachos and more.

With many places to sit and enjoy your food, this restaurant/store has a very laid-back atmosphere. Before heading back to your car, you can get your road trip snacks right from the convenience store. Taco Express is open seven days a week from 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Schoon’s Pump and Pak

Check out Schoon’s Pump and Pak for one of the hottest sauces around. And we do mean this literally and figuratively! The up-and-coming Halogi (Ha-Low-Gee) sauce was recently featured on the hit You Tube series Hot Ones. The show interviews celebrities as they nosh hot wings. This hot sauce is the first from South Dakota to be included on the show. Schoon’s carries the Tyrfing’s Curse and other flavors. Schoon’s also stocks a variety of Dakota Butcher meet sticks and beef jerky.

Overall Amenities

Electric Vehicle Charging

An electric vehicle (EV) charging spot is available to the public in the south parking lot of the City & County Government Center at 520, 3rd Street, near the Downtown Brookings Business District.

The central location is within walking distance of many of the City’s eating and drinking establishments, shops, and other recreational and historic destinations. The site makes the charging location a great spot for folks who are visiting from out of town and for locals who want to partake in what the community has to offer as their vehicle charges.

The ChargePoint, Inc. CT400 charging spot is available to the public 24/7. Rates are $1 per hour for the first three hours and $2 per hour for each hour after that. The average charging time for an EV is four hours, with a cost of around $5 for a full charge. Users can pay using a ChargePoint app installed on their smartphones or by using a ChargePass card.

For more EV information and charging location maps, visit the ChargePoint, Inc. website at, https://www.chargepoint.com or the US Department of Energy, Alternative Fuels Data Center website at, https://afdc.energy.gov/vehicles/electric.html

Self Service Vacuum

Vacation can be tough on the inside of your car. Get all those dropped French fries and cracker crumbs off the floor by stopping at any of our self-serve vacuuming stations.

Car Wash

The rural South Dakota landscapes can make your car a little dirtier than you would prefer. Stop in Brookings to get a car wash before continuing on your way.



Tire Repair & Air

There is an abundance of tire shops and air pumps accessible around town for your convenience. Tires can cause problems at the worst times. It is good to be informed on what Brookings offers when coming to town.

Air Pumps

Tire Repair Shops

  • Jackrabbit Tire
    • 605.692.2012
    • 225 3rd Ave. S
  • Hometown Service and Tire
    •  605.697.6889
    • 222 Main Ave.
  • W.W. Tire Service
    •  605.696.7400
    • 1813 32nd Ave.
  • Automotive Service Center
    • 605.692.4272
    • 614 Main Ave. S
  • Walmart Tires
    •  605.692.3321
    • 2233 6th St.
  • Dale’s Alignment Services
    •  605.692.5712
    • 1006 Main Ave. S
Public Transportation and Taxi Services

Brookings strives to offer safe and accessible transportation for all people. Contact these companies directly to set up rides throughout our community.


Brookings Area Transit Authority (BATA Bus)

The Brookings Area Transit Authority strives to provide coordinated transportation services for all citizens of the Brookings area.


  • BROOKINGS RIDES – within city limits
    $3.00 per person per trip
  • BROOKINGS SAME-DAY RESERVATIONS – within city limits
    *Contingent upon availability and ONLY available to passengers who require the use of a mobility aide*
    $8.00 per person per trip
    $30.00 per person for either a one-way OR round-trip ride that is taken within the same day.

Call BATA Dispatch at 605- 693-2222 or toll-free at 855-962-9120 to schedule a ride.

Brookings Taxi

There is nothing like an old school taxi service. If you are looking for a ride in a pinch call Brookings Taxi at (605) 692-9244.

You can also contact Brookings Taxi on the TaxiCaller App.

App Centered Rides 

You will find both Uber and Lyft rides offered in Brookings.


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