Bring New Energy to Your Next Meeting

Bring together a new look at your next meeting or event with updated trends and technology.

Planning an event or meeting usually follows the same format. 

There's an idea, a guest list, a menu, some speakers and breakout sessions, and then before you know it, you're back in the office trying to remember the most impactful moment. 

Can you figure out what's wrong with this scenario? If not, it's time for a refresh of ideas and new processes. Meeting professionals are changing the way we see and experience events. From community art pieces to food trucks, and local excursions, meetings are getting some major upgrades. We are no longer interested in just sitting in a conference room and taking notes from a standard presentation. We're getting out of our seats and into smaller communication pods.

We're moving beyond shaking hands and howdy in-between sessions, to more intentional and specific networking breakouts. We're experimenting with virtual reality and technology to transform meetings. Read on for some found tips on how to re-energize your mind and your meeting.

Here are 5 Ways to Re-Energize your Mind & Meetings

  1. Get Specific and Be Interested | Specificity means credibility. You must get more specific to be more real. An audience can tell the difference between calling it in and caring. "In order to make your annual meeting more interesting to your audience -- which, in turn, will lead to increased attendance, improved retention, additional and new sponsors, and greater media attention -- you have to be more interested." -- How To Be More Interesting, PCMA Convene Magazine

  2. Ask Your Speaker | Have you ever asked your keynote speaker how they would prefer the message be delivered? A master questionologist suggests letting the speaker guide the format. It opens up more creativity and flexibility for a unique experience.

  3. Transform Registration | It's time to update the registration process. Transform the first space your attendees see into a networking lounge that delivers on the theme and overall vibe of the event. It's the difference between a stellar first impression and just another conference.

  4. Introduce Attendees to a NEW Session | More and more meeting professionals are offering yoga sessions as part of the conference, and we're not talking about early morning sessions. Try adding other health and wellness sessions to your next conference. It's important to engage the mind, body, and soul while attending an event.

  5. Sense of Place | Make sure the venue space reflects the unique objective of your event. Bring the local surroundings inside. Celebrate what makes the venue and location unique, while serving up your theme. "The most memorable events celebrate the local surroundings, enriching visitors, exposing them to the local culture and connecting them with the community to increase engagement."